About Us


Welcome to Wrapped in a Hug. My name is Judy. I’m a wife, mom, and grandma. I recently retired from an office I’ve been working in for 20+ years, and I’m ready to pursue my passions! Aside from being with family and spoiling my grandkids, I am in my happy place at my sewing machine or mixing essential oils.

A year ago, I didn’t know what a weighted blanket was. I have 2 autistic grandchildren, and have learned a lot about sensory products---including weighted blankets. When I first saw one, I thought, “I can make one nicer than that!”

My first weighted blanket was for my grandson. When he received it, he told his mom, “I slept good! It was like being hugged by grandma all night long!” His blanket is always referred to as his hug blanket. What began as nothing more than making a blanket for my grandchild, has now become “Wrapped in a Hug”!