Using a weighted blanket may help to provide a more comfortable, sound sleep. It may also help to relieve anxiety and stress. Individuals with ADHD, sensory disorders, autism, PTSD, or simply someone that likes that "Wrapped In A Hug" feel. 

Weighted Blankets

  • Weighted blankets are custom made to meet your wants and needs.


    When ordering a weighted blanket, one can choose the following types of fabric:


    All Cotton

    All Flannel

    One Side Cotton / One Side Flannel


    Approximate sizes are:

    Small -- 38" x 42"
    Medium -- 38" x 50"
    Large -- 40" x 60"
    XLarge -- 42" x 70"


    Weights range from 5lbs to 20lbs. 


    Weighted blankets are personal blankets made to cover one individual from the shoulder down. They are NOT meant to replace bed covers and should NEVER cover the head. 


    All products are custom made to order. If you are interested in purchasing a product(s), please submit a message via the Contact page.